Kai✮'s Mix Commissions


I'm Kai✮, a freelance vocal mixer from England! I have experience in mixing for a variety of indie creators spanning a range of different genres, languages, and voice types. I love working with new creators so I'm always open to anything and can be flexible with client requests!Please make sure to check out all my info through the tabs and links below if you're interested in working with me~Thank you for your interest and I hope we can work together soon!

Mix Reel

Intro anim by aramis // Sprite by Mintie

You can find me here:

Art by Xyewii

Terms of Service

General Terms

  • I will start working on a commission after I have received all tracks and full payment

  • Clients may place an order straight through VGen or contact me directly through Twitter, Discord, or email

  • You are not required to contact me first before placing a VGen order (with the exception of NDA commissions), however I may message you to confirm details or ask for any missing files before accepting the request

  • If your request requires an NDA to be signed please contact me beforehand so that we can discuss the details - these will typically incur an additional privacy fee

  • Payments will be done through either Stripe, PayPal, or VGen's payment system (if no preference is mentioned for the payment method then invoices will be sent through Stripe by default)

  • Please make sure to prepare your tracks according to the track preparation outline I have described below

  • Refunds are not accepted after I have started working on a mix

  • If you intend to use the mixed track/s for commercial purposes you will be subject to an additional fee

  • Commercial purposes refer to cases such as the audio being used in monetised videos or being distributed onto monetised platforms (such as Spotify, iTunes, or YouTube Music)

  • When using the mix please make sure to credit me as Kai✮ and link to my YouTube channel and/or Twitter

  • I am sometimes open to accepting trades for vocal editing, guides, art, or animation - please feel contact me to discuss!

Track Preparation

  • All vocal tracks should provided in mono .wav format, and any overlapping lines should be in a separate file

  • Please make sure to provide the on vocal & instrumental tracks in the correct key and same bpm that you recorded to

  • I will not accept vocal tracks that are peaking/clipping, as these distortions will affect the quality of the final mix

  • Please make sure your vocal files are roughly timed to either the instrumental or reference track (this means your vocal stems should be aligned to either the ref track or inst when I import them into my project file)

  • When commissioning for the mix & master package please ensure all your files have been fully tuned & timed already, and that the timing directly matches up with the provided instrumental track

  • Please label your tracks clearly with the vocalist name, song title, and vocal part (for example: "[Kai] Mephisto -mains" or "Mephisto_Kai_mains" or equivalent)

  • I usually do not ask for retakes so please ensure the tracks you send me are your best takes

  • If you would like me to provide any kind of vocal direction before commissioning the mix feel free to discuss that with me!

Contact & Order

Order through VGen for an easy and streamlined process!

Choose whichever service you would like to request and I will reach out to you through your preferred contact method after reviewing your tracks

Feel free to contact me through any of the following if you have any inquiries or would like to place an order separately:


TypeMix & MasterFull Mix
Chorus [4+ vo.]£165+£200+
Over 4 vocalists+£25 per vocalist+£35 per vocalist
  • Base price is for personal use only [commercial charge listed below]

  • Base price covers up to 5 tracks per vocalist for songs up to 5 minutes [overlaps do not count as extra tracks]

  • Full mix includes tune/time/mix/master

  • If you would like me to make any tuning or timing edits in the mix/master package then you will be charged an additional fee

  • Tune/Time only commissions are unavailable


Commercial Use+50-100% of final price
Extra Track+£5-10 per track*
Extra minute+£10
Artificial Harmonies£8 per track

*price for extra tracks can vary depending on the contents


TV size/Short mix [<2mins]25 - 35% off from final price
Simulcast Discount25% off from final price

Please check this list to see which songs are eligible for the simulcast discount

Rush Fees

Standard rush fees will apply to any mix with a deadline that is under 10 days

Standard Rush Fee+25-75% of final price
24 hour Turn-AroundFinal price x2

Standard rush comms are available for the following packages:

  • Solo full mix

  • Solo mix/master

  • Duet mix/master

  • Trio mix/master

24 hour turn-around comms are available for the following packages:

  • Solo full mix (TV size only)

  • Solo mix/master

  • Duet mix/master

Custom Mix & Audio Editing

For projects that don't fit my main mix packages, such as:

  • Quick mixes for clips up to 45seconds (for short demos, memes, yt shorts/tiktoks, etc) - can include tune/time

  • Cleaning & editing for voice acting reels or voice packs

  • Dialogue design for voice acting projects

  • Anything else that may not fit the other listed packages

Pricing for these projects will be decided on a case-by-case basis depending on the type of project so please make sure to contact me first to discuss details!

Simulcast Discounts

Mixes for covers of select songs from the current anime season will receive a 25% discount!

Discounts will stack, meaning TV size covers of these songs will recieve a 50% discount total

Eligible songs for the Spring season (April - June)

This list will be refreshed every 3 months


Solo Mix


Full mix

Full mix

Full mix

Duet/Trio Mix




Full mix

Chorus Mix




Full Mix

More samples can be found here: